OverLand Incorporated


Custom tailored to fit your needs

Services Offered


Weekly Lawn Care

We offer weekly maintenance in the form of cutting your lawn, edging, trimming, and blowing off of all sidewalks and driveways

Sprinkler Repair

Our qualified technicians are trained to diagnose and repair your irrigation problems in the most efficient way possible.

Fertilizing and Grub Control

All of our fertilizing services are done by qualified technicians who are trained and licensed with the state of Utah, we work hand in hand with subcontractors to create a custom tailored plan unique to your property.

Property Clean up

Typically done semi annually, our yard clean up package includes, trimming of all shrubs, perennials, ornamental grasses and low hanging tree branches. As well as weed removal, and cleaning out of any dead fall in the garden bed areas.


One of our most popular services. Our trained technician will tune up your sprinkler system to make those dry spots disappear. Includes: Timer adjustment, Nozzle and filter replacement on pop ups, nozzle adjustments on rotors and impact sprinklers, and replacement of any broken or worn heads, as well as clean out of mainline filter and turn on if applicable.

Landscape Services

Small Projects and property enhancements are no problem for our qualified team, for more information or to request a quote please contact us today.